The Teacher

All a teacher really can do is offer the student the occasional signpost.

The goal is to get from point A to point B. A teacher would be someone who has made the trip, and is willing to show the way to others who want to make the same journey.

The journey has to be made by the student. (some people, especially in the “internet marketing” space, seem to think that someone or something else will make the journey for them – it’s not possible there, nor anywhere else)

When the student moves forward (of his own accord) and is about to veer off the correct path, a teacher might say “Hey, dude, it’s this way.”

That’s it.

Your job as a teacher is to communicate your travel directions. When the words leave your mouth, they are no longer your responsibility. What becomes of them is for the student to decide… just like a sign on the road can’t force you to go where it wants.

But first things first:

You gotta know where you’re going.

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