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Inward vs Outward

Most people seem to accept that real success comes from within. That successful people have certain belifes, thoughts, internal mindsets which then inspire their behavior. Their behavior is defined by the actions they take, and these actions are what make things happen.

With me so far?

I think most people would be.

But still… almost everyone seeks success from external sources.

No matter how successful you get from external things, you’ll still have you with you. Your thoughts and behaviors will not be congruent with your external level of success. And so, you’ll invariably end up back where you started (or worse).

What happens is that people look outward to people who tell them they should look inward. They, nod, smile, agree and applaud the master’s wisdom.

Then they keep looking outward.

The reason journaling is so valuable is because it forces you to look inward and self-examine, and often, destroy self-limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviors.

In a way, you could say that my book is a heavily edited and re-written collection of journal entries. It isn’t, really, but I would bet that most of the things that ended up in the book started out as tiny, almost insignificant seeds of thoughts on a journal page somewhere.

I learnt more about myself writing the book than from anything else I’ve done.

Now you may smile, nod, agree and applaud. Think that, maybe I’m on to something… and maybe I am…

But in the end, your life is in your hands. The world is yours.

Look inward.

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